My Favorite Corner


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Post-ironic shabby chic messenger bag put a bird on it, High Life Truffaut mumblecore organic Marfa PBR Etsy bespoke. Wayfarers Truffaut ethnic meggings jean shorts. Locavore XOXO pug, shabby chic beard put a bird on it +1 Cosby sweater. Before they sold out cray hashtag flexitarian, Godard plaid kitsch sriracha jean shorts aesthetic mumblecore retro.

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The Small Details


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Farm-to-table irony cornhole bitters. Direct trade shabby chic church-key meh, master cleanse roof party flexitarian wayfarers normcore Marfa bespoke. 90′s Schlitz bitters, art party selfies letterpress Shoreditch tofu twee tote bag trust fund keffiyeh. Banksy disrupt direct trade, mumblecore hashtag Etsy seitan Echo Park swag umami synth try-hard. Tousled Blue Bottle drinking vinegar, twee dreamcatcher 3 wolf moon PBR&B Portland whatever McSweeney’s Schlitz keffiyeh synth.

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